Press Release

KEMS Retains Best Kuwaiti Internet Service Provider title in Service Hero poll


   For the second year in a row, KEMS was voted the best Internet Services Provider in Kuwait according to the annual poll conducted by Service Hero, which is solely based on consumer votes for the year 2011.  The company was awarded the prestigious award during Service Hero’s gala dinner last Sunday held at the luxurious Hotel Missoni with the representatives of the company’s presence as well as other awarded business from various sectors in the Kuwaiti market. SHCSI, short of “Service Hero Consumer Satisfaction Index” showed KEMS has maintained its leading position in the market with regards to its client satisfaction rates for the second year in a row; Topping levels of the remaining & competing 8 ISP & Telecom providers. The poll was conducted over a period of 3 months for clients based in Kuwait of which 13,000 unique clients voted genuinely for KEMS and the results were filtered and monitored for validity and to ensure the quality of the results.

   KEMS’s services evaluation was determined by clients votes on the company’s pre and post trial experience and the satisfaction level was identified in 8 different criteria on a 10 point scale which are: Reliability, Speed, Product Quality, Value for money, Location, Staff conduct, Call Center as well as the company’s website.

   CEO & MD of KEMS , Eng. Khalifa Al Soulah received this award and on that he said: "We are very proud to be receiving this award as a recognition of our sincere hard work towards our clients’ satisfaction and we promise our clients our extended our strive towards maintaining this level of service as their trust in us drives us to further develop our services and ensure their utter satisfaction.”  Mr. Khalifa also thanked all the clients who participated in the poll emphasizing that this yearly assessment is a big contributor in helping companies continuously improve their services through fair and subjective voting in competition with other leading market players in the same working sector. Within the dominating results of the poll this year, 2 of the voting criteria took highest rates among the rest of the Service Hero’s satisfaction index and those were KEMS’s location and the Client Relations agents conduct with clients.

   As for the credibility of the Service Hero poll; A scientific methodology identified by a set of strict rules & protocols drafted by the European Foundation of Marketing Researches [ ESOMAR ] that supports and validates the outcome of the polls ensuring the sound assessment of the results.  The whole procedure is then followed by a meticulous analysis by the Service Hero’s international Advisory Board which consists of subjective and neutral parties made up from professional members and academics from all over the world which do not belong to or linked directly to any of the participating companies in the poll for impartial and results with integrity.

   This year’s Service Hero’s poll assessment was conducted & monitored by the Advisory Council represented by Dr. Carol Ross of  the "American University of Kuwait," Mr. Saad Al Sharhan from the "Australian College of Kuwait," Dr.Hassan Al Sady from "Gulf University for Science and technology," Mr.  AbdulMajeed Al-Shatti, Former Chairman of "Commercial Bank of Kuwait," Dr.  Reinhold Leichtfuss, Senior Partner & MD of the Consulting Group "Boston Consulting Group", Mr. Nouman Sehgal, head of operations in "Noor Investment Company", and Mr. Yann Pavie, Chief Executive Officer at "GulfMerger."

   The Service Hero poll was powered by Khayal Consultants, which specializes in Marketing consultancy services and web designating and development. Khayal was also the branding consultant for the Service Hero brand as well as developing the website and the voting mechanism behind the poll’s engine as well as the security of both site and polling results. At the end, Mr. Khalifa Al Soulah concluded his speech by deeply thanking the clients fro their trust in KEMS and their loyalty as well as praising the remarkable achievements of the staff and their commitment levels and promised KEMS’s clients with more desirable surprises and services in the near future.